Bridal Experience

Betsy Couture specializes in creating custom wedding gowns (bespoke or vintage redesigns) inspired by you. Whether it’s a turn-of-the-century bustle gown, a Hollywood Glamor gown, a fun-flirty-fifties dress, or a rustic vintage-inspired look all your own, Betsy can transform your vision into a stunning piece of wearable art that reflects your taste and personality.

Initial Consultation

During the consultation, Betsy and you will explore how the process works, discuss the time-table for creating an original gown, and focus on your vision for your gown.

If you are requesting a vintage redesign, please bring your treasured gown to the consultation, as well as the undergarments, shoes, and jewelry you plan to wear for the finished look.

As the designer, it is important for Betsy to understand how you envision your wedding day celebrations. The more she understands you and the total look and feel of your event, the better she will be able to design a dress that incorporates personal details that are uniquely you.

You are the driving force behind the dress design. With careful thought and purpose, Betsy will pinpoint your preferences and create your vision based on:

  • Your ideas, photos, sketches (e.g. Pinterest boards or Instagram saves)
  • Your personal likes and dislikes
  • Desired fabrics, laces, overlays, embellishments
  • Desired details such as buttons, closures, trims, beading
  • Your body shape and size
  • Your skin tone and color
  • Other available options stemming from your desired design

What to bring: your ideas, photos, Pinterest page. If Betsy will be working on an heirloom vintage gown, please bring the gown, the undergarments you will wear with it, your shoes and any accessories you plan on wearing with it.

Once you have decided on all aspects of your gown's style, details, and fabrics, Betsy will sketch your gown. She may go through several revisions until you are perfectly satisfied.

Betsy will then take your measurements and get started creating the gown.

Design Process and Fittings

Betsy will create a pattern based on the one-dimensional drawing that was jointly created. This pattern is specifically created to the specifications of your gown design and your personal measurements.

From the pattern, Betsy will create a muslin, or a mock-up of a pattern. It is traditionally made from muslin fabric and is the first step in fitting the one-dimensional pattern to your body.

Each fitting will take approximately one hour.

First Fitting
  • At the first fitting you will put on the muslin. Betsy will check the fit of the muslin on you; pin, pinch and mark up the muslin at the shoulders, neckline, sleeves, back, waistline, and hips as needed to create a perfect fit.
  • She will then take the muslin apart and use it to make the first pattern of your wedding gown. Betsy will have marked new seam lines, fitted the darts, balanced out the pieces and made other adjustments as needed. Depending on the design you’ve created and how it fits your body, this step may be repeated several times.
  • This marked up muslin now becomes the second pattern. Betsy will use this second pattern with all its modifications to make the test garment.
  • What to bring: your correct undergarments (corset, etc).
Second Fitting
  • You will try on the test garment at the second fitting. Betsy will make necessary modifications specifically targeted at the neckline, sleeve length, hem line and any other places that require attention.
  • She will pick out the seams again in this test garment and use it for the final pattern. You will now have a garment that fits you like a glove! Betsy will use this final pattern to cut the fashion fabrics of your custom designed wedding gown.
  • What to bring: your correct undergarments (corset, etc), wedding shoes, jewelry.
Third Fitting
  • You will try on your wedding gown made from the real fabric and Betsy will finalize everything: the hem length, the sleeves, the neckline, the details that will be added, etc.
  • What to bring: your correct undergarments, wedding shoes, jewelry. Wear your hair close to how you will be wearing it on your wedding day, as it helps in making your decisions as to a certain veil or headpiece now that your dress is almost complete.
Final Fitting
  • You will put on your finished original custom wedding gown. It is ready for you to take home.
  • The gown will be packed in a bridal gown bag on a special hanger.
  • If you ordered a custom veil or headpiece, that will also be ready for you at this fitting.
  • What to bring: your correct undergarments, wedding shoes, jewelry. Wear your hair and makeup close to how you will be wearing it on your wedding day. Be prepared to take photos in your finished couture gown!
Size Guide
Bust 30"  32" 34" 36" 38" 40" 44" 48"
Waist 22" 24" 26" 30" 32" 36" 40" 44"
Hip 32" 34" 36" 38" 42" 44" 48" 52"
LIZZY LENGTHS                
Lizzy Tee             24.5" from shoulder to hem edge
Lizzy Slip             37.5" from shoulder to hem edge
Lizzy Maxi             55.5" from shoulder to hem edge