Learn the Terms - Necklines

October 22, 2017

Learn the Terms - Necklines

Bateau or Sabrina: from shoulder to shoulder, exposing the collar bones, but staying high on the chest.

Halter: wraps around the back of the neck to create deep armholes. Often backless.


High: covers most of the neck.

Jewel: similar to that of a T-shirt, but usually a bit smaller, closer to the neck.

Queen-Ann: High in back sloping to the neck or a dropped "V" shape in front, depending on what type of collar it is used with.

Off-the-shoulder: top of the shoulders are bare. Can be straight across, scooped up or down, or sweetheart shaped.

Portrait: wide scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other. Can be made with or without a collar.

Scoop: classic U-shape, can be higher or lower, wider or thinner.

Square: square shaped from the shoulders down and across the upper chest.

Strapless: shoulders are bare. Can be straight across, scooped up or down, or sweetheart shaped.